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Robin Akin.

Words to live by.

Punchy or proper. Warm to wicked. 


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About  Robin


Female Professional Voice Actor


Robin Akin knows how to put meaning into words, and make them something to live by. She’s a voiceover actor who also has held many other artistic titles like animator, photographer, among others; and she’s got a sound that’s equal parts warm and serious, and always heartfelt and real. A New York / New Jersey native, Robin can call quickly upon her east coast accent, or hide it well under a friendly corporate or west coast tone. 


As for professionalism, time is money, and Robin gets it. She has a direct and collaborative approach with a coachable attitude to bring out the specific tone for your vision. Working with Robin is both creative and deliberate. 


Robin offers a unique VO perspective with her background in animation. After many years working internationally as an animator also using motion capture for Oscar winning films like “Titanic” and “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,” she understands what productions (and animators!) want from an actor who solely provides their voice. Simply put, she speaks the language of directors. 


Her VO experience is equally as impressive as her movie credits, working for clients like The Home Depot, AARP, Wyndham Hotels and more. Robin is also formally trained as a voice actor; she holds a degree from On The Mic’s six month in studio diploma program. 


Art isn’t all there is to Robin—she also goes by Coast Guard veteran, community volunteer, mother, and crazy friend who’ll help you move (the dead body on your lawn). While living in the greater New York City area, she served in the military as a US Coast Guard crew member of search and rescue operations and law enforcement teams. Elsewhere she has supported the efforts of educational nonprofits as well as those focused on disaster relief. 


For projects big and small with something important to say, with words to live by, look no further than Robin Akin VO. Punchy or proper, warm to wicked, she’s your sound!





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